Looking for a Jack Snipe

Yesterday with snow covering our landscape it was an ideal day to look for the rare (in our area) Jack Snipe a winter visitor to the UK mainly from northern Europe. I have only two records of this wader as it stays hidden, hugging the damp earth, until you virtually tread on it!

Unfortunately I didn’t find one as I searched Raw Nook NR and Toad Holes Beck.

However, I did find two Common Snipe by the frozen pond at Raw Nook NR.

Both flew off towards Toad Holes Beck.

At the later site I found a pair of lovely Grey Wagtails (Opposite) so I wasn’t too disappointed.

Also at TH Beck was a flyover Cormorant which headed to the east.

The surprise was a Ring Necked Parakeet which was calling over Woodlands cricket club.

This bird could stay in our area during the winter. So keep at eye out at your garden feeders especially if you put out peanuts.

There were 9 Coot on the large pond and strangely only one Moorhen. I had a look on the middle pond for a possible winter Water Rail but with no luck but it is perhaps a bit early, they usually appear mid-winter.

A late Meadow Pipit was also found probably on it’s way south for the winter.

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