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Had PC problems so been off-line for a week or so. Thankfully all is well now.

Pink-footed Geese moving north

It’s October and that means migrating birds are passing over our area and the last week has been good. It started on the 2rd when a Peregrine flew S and a total of 16 Crossbills also moved S.

On the 9th there was an early arrival of Thrushes from the N with a total of 9,559 recorded either overhead or viewed from the watch point.

The Pink-footed geese started to arrive again from the N on the 10th with a final total of 1,989 recorded.

The weather before dawn on the 11th was 5c well down on the previous few days and this inspired Wood Pigeon to move down to the S with 1,281 observed.

On a local note I received some interesting news from Josie who lives in Oakenshaw. She stated that she has had a Nuthatch feeding in her garden! and even sent a photo of her special visitor. Our area in general does not have the habitat for Nuthatch however, I had a bird briefly in my garden in June at Low Moor which ‘MAY’ be the same bird as Josie’s. It would be lovely if the species takes hold in our area…Let’s hope he/she finds a mate in Spring.

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