I have I struck Gold at Caldene Fields?

On the 12/7 I found in the moth trap what I first thought was a Gold Spot moth.  However, on closer inspection I thought the moth might be a Lepke’s Gold Spot Plusia putnami gracilis an uncommon moth in this part of Yorkshire .  The species are difficult to separate as they are very similar however, I sent a photo to a Moths blog site for their opinion and their reply was,It was not a typical Lepke’s Gold Spot but it could well be one……… So I have submitted my sighting to Yorkshire Moths for consideration so fingers crossed……….


Yorkshire Moth’s definition of a Lepke’s Gold Spot is that it is a Grade 3 Moths which may be much harder to identify or which may be very local in the county. Rare moths
which may be confused with commoner species. Many pugs fall into this category. Records from inexperienced recorders will be queried. A photograph or a voucher specimen is useful.

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