Horse Chestnut tree found again

Away from the local parks the Horse Chestnut tree Aesculus hippocastanum is not common in our recording area.

Last year I found a sapling growing in a very shaded and crowded area at TH Beck.

Sadly the tree did not survive and died.

However this morning in a better location at the site I found not one but two young saplings growing.

This is great news for the additional bio-diversity these trees will bring to the area and fingers crossed they will develop in their light and open environment.

Other sighting include my first Swallow moving N/E on 17/4 at Caldene fields.

There is now at least 4 singing male Blackcap + at least 1 female at TH Beck.

A pair of Coots have taken up residency at Raw Nook NR pond which thankfully is still holding water. However, the local Moorhens may well be forced off the pond by the bigger Coots.

A pair of Great Tits are nest building in one of the nesting boxes at Raw Nook NR.

And I believe Blue tits are now nesting in at least 2 of the other boxes.

Saw the first male Orange tip butterfly yesterday was at Caldene fields.

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