Gooses wars…

Yesterday at Toad Holes beck I heard a call from 2 geese overhead, OH! a pair of Greylag geese..great. Then suddenly the pair turned and started to descend towards the ponds at Toad H Beck.

My emotions were mixed. Very rare to have Greylag geese landing in our area….but Oh! No there is a pair of Canada geese there at the moment and they won’t be happy!!

The Greylags saw no danger and must have thought this pond looks great let’s land.

The male Canada goose could be heard giving out many loud warning calls.

However, the Greylags had made up their minds we are moving in. I knew there was only going to be one winner and out come!

The Canada goose flew into action…And one goose in total shock took flight and moved off to the south. One down one to go!!!

No problem the other one is soon dealt with…The calm then returned to Toad Holes Beck and the Greylags…well they gone and won’t be coming back!

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