Exciting news…

Last night at Caldene fields I noticed a large gathering of Swallows overhead.  At this time of year Swallow gather at dusk in swarms and roost together in reeds etc.  Over 30 years ago this was a regular event in our area and the birds roosted in Toad Holes Beck but the species has declined since then.

I estimated the gathering to be around 800+ which strongly suggests the species may have had a very good breeding season .  I then went to TH Beck to see if the birds were going to roost there but they didn’t.  However, they roosted somewhere nearby possibly at the pond off Mill Carr Hill but that’s only a guess.

Whilst watching the Swallow I noticed in good light a large bat flying over the tree tops…it was a Noctule bat.  I have not record the species at the site before my only previous record was of a single in day light at Caldene fields

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