Exciting news from Dealburn Road…

On Saturday I went to the Dealburn Road site ( Old Low Moor tip ) which our group is involved in and I keep a database of all the records for the site. The main reason was to look for early signs of the Bee Orchids  Ophrys apifera as I am running a walk at 14.00 on the 28/6/2018 to hopefully view them.  If you would like to come along please email me for further information.  I however, didn’t find any signs of the Orchids….so no pressure Martyn…But it is a bit early!

But the exciting news is I heard and saw a male singing Lesser Whitethroat at a suitable nest site.  The bird flew off and sang again at the top of the site.  After looking for the Orchids I went back to the area and was immediately ‘ scolded ‘ by a very anger female Lesser Whitethroat with a tiny amount of food in her beak…..The male then returned and well basically ‘ Told me to clear off ‘  I did as I was told and left the area and viewed at a safe distance the female dive into some high Bramble.

The Lesser Whitethroat is an uncommon breeding bird in the Bradford district…so this is excellent news…But there may be a twist to this story in that the LW above is the male from TH Beck I recorded in mid May.  He left as he couldn’t find a mate but then a male turned up at nearby Dealburn Road 2 days later…so is this bird the TH beck bird who at last has found love…


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