Creeping about, pays off!

Today has been an excellent day! I went down to TH Beck to look for any possible new spring migrants but apart from a couple of female Blackcaps that had recently arrived there was little else on the migrant front. I then went to the large pond where a faint high pitched call caught my attention…Tree Creeper!

I walked into the Goat Willow scrub and waited. Then a Tree Creeper appeared climbing up one of the Willows. It saw me and flew deeper into the willows.

I crept forward trying to get a better view. The bird was however, calling and again it came into view. Then suddenly it dawned on me why it calling? I bet there is a pair of Tree Creeper. So I waited and waited then I was right I saw two birds together in early courtship. Brilliant. It was time to leave and with fingers crossed I strongly believe they will breed in the area which if they do will be the first known breeding record in our area for the species.

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