Clean up day at Raw Nook NR

Yesterday members of the Low Moor/Oakenshaw conservation group had a litter picking morning at Raw Nook NR.

We picked up about 6 bags of rubbish mainly discarded cans crisp packets and bottles.

Clare brought down her lovely new German Sheppard dog…to help.

Now Clare is ‘ An excellent ‘ dog owner picking up her dogs poo, bagging it and putting in a bin!

However, one thing sadden all the group!

Irresponsible dog owners!!!! we found and picked up black poo bags that had simply just been thrown into nearby trees.

Also Clare sent a lot of her time picking up other dogs poo left by Irresponsible dog owners!!!!


On a better note…Scarlet Elf cups (fungi) appear to be everywhere at the moment even growing near the entrance to the reserve, something I have not seen before.

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