Chinese visitors think our site is very Měilì…

This morning I set off hoping to see maybe a new migrant that had come in overnight or before dawn but sadly I didn’t.  But what I saw was very strange!.  At the top of Raw Nook Nr I saw 3 Chinese all with cameras and note books..  On my approach I said hello and commented ‘ What a lovely morning it was ‘ I was greeted with gather strange looks and quickly realised that the strangers spoke very little english.  I smiled and off I went.  After about an hour I caught up with the party again. I believe that they were on holiday from China and were stopping at a local hotel had an interest in wildlife and were visiting the reserve.20160512_074725_1

I then showed them some photos of the wildlife I had taken as I had seen then photographing wild flowers.


One of the photos, a Buff-tip moth found last night at Caldene Fields.

The gentleman above became very excited and called his college’s over.  Whilst I had not a clue what they were saying they were all excited by the photo’s of the local wildlife.  The gentlemen then appeared to say internet, internet..and point to the ground. I think!  they may have looked up the general area and found our site on the internet and made a visit.

I must admit,  I felt proud and if that is the case it’s brilliant to think that lovely people from the other side of the world have enjoyed the area… just like we the locals do..






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