Bullfinches lucky escape…

Today I had a nice walk in the snow through Raw Nook Nr and into Toad Holes Beck. The reason for the walk was mainly to find a ‘ Northern Bullfinch ‘¬†OK..OK I probably have as much chance as Bradford City (my team) winning the premier league…but never say never when birding.


So I never found one…. but I did find 7 Bullfinches feeding on birch catkins at Raw Nook Nr. Well¬†actually it was nearly ‘6’ as from nowhere


a male Sparrow Hawk appeared overhead and eyed up the finches but then it turned and in a flash it was gone.

Toad Holes Beck was very quiet except for a grey Wagtail by the pond.


The 4 Goosander have now left Toad Holes Beck and interestingly yesterday I found 10 Goosander at the local Harold Park lake which could include the 4 birds from TH Beck.

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