Bowled over at the workday…

Yesterday was our workday at Toad Holes Beck.  We had two jobs to do one was forming a small gully so rain water could run down and into the drain as a public path flooded when heavy rain occurred.

The second was to address grass cuttings which have been put down on land adjacent to the path in Toad Hole Beck which leads to Dyehouse Road.

Preparing the ‘ Dead hedge ‘

A complaint had been received by Woodlands cricket club from a member of the public who mistakenly thought the land where the grass cutting were belonged to the council when in fact it is owed by the Woodlands cricket club. So working in partnership with the cricket club we decided to firstly form a ‘Dead hedge ‘which would stop any possible cutting encroaching onto the path. 

We then did a first phrase clearing of vegetation with a view to planting wildlife friendly shrubs in front of the ‘Dead hedge ‘to form a screen.  Then in the future the area will be under planted with bulbs and wildflowers.

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