BEES visit Dealburn road wildlife site…

Yes on the 20th of June 10 BEES descended on the Dealburn Road wildlife site where I am monitoring and recording the flora and fauna.

BEES are the Bradford Environmental Education Service and we met up at the entrance to the site.  What was nice for me was that many of them had never visited the site before.  But one did know the site well and that was my friend Joan Dobson who with her excellent botanical knowledge is helping me create a plant and grasses species list for the site.

Possibly the main reason the group had wanted to visit the site was to see the Bee Orchids which I discovered last year.  However, whilst one of the group found a single Bee Orchid just off the main pathway there were no Bee Orchids at the location I had found them last year.  Oh dear I thought!

However, after frequently stopping to admire the Small Heath, Common Blue, Ringlet and Meadow Brown butterflies we found ourselves on the main tract back to Dealburn Road.

When suddenly one of the group shouted ‘I’ve another found a Bee Orchid’  then another, and another.  The final count was 14…and all in a different location…Brilliant

As well as updating my our records I submitted the update to the West Yorkshire Ecology Service


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