BEEs come visiting!

Lately I have been praying for rain to help the environment.

But I think I prayed too had as on Tuesday the 20/6/23 as I was showing members of BEES (Bradford Environmental Education Service)¬†around Raw Nook NR, Toad Holes Beck and Low Moor Banks….And it ‘ Rained all day ‘

So sadly I had very few insects of birds to show them. However, I did have an ‘ Ace card ‘ up my sleeve! And that was the orchid site at Low Moor Banks where 11 Bee Orchids were showing off in the rain in and amongst the Southern Orchids.

Also at the site we heard singing Common Whitethroat , Song thrush, Willow Warbler, Chiffchaff and Blackcap.

At Raw Nook NR I showed then our mystical covered fungi area and whilst none were visible, an autumn return visit is now planned.

A Great Mullein (Opposite) was identified by the knowledgeable Alice at Toad Holes Beck which proved to be a new species for the site. Should look stunning when it flowers.

A few butterflies did brave the rain later in the day with Ringlet, Speckled Wood and Meadow Browns on view.

So I would like to thank all who attended and I promise next time not to pray for rain!

2 thoughts on “BEEs come visiting!

  1. Statuary Tordoff

    Thank you Martyn for taking the time and braving the rain to show us round your reserves which made the day most worthwhile despite the weather!

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