Barn Owl sighting…

Following on from my sighting of a Barn Owl in our area on the 22/10/23. There has been another excellent sighting…well in fact a video of a Barn Owl (Thank you Tracey) this time in the Cleckheaton area.

I suspect this is the same bird that I sighted at East Bierely and a member of the public who reported a ‘ Whitish looking owl ‘ at Caldene fields Low Moor in November 23.

In winter a Barn owl will move further for it’s food than it will in the breeding season when food will be more plentiful.

The distance between the Cleckheaton site and Raw Nook LNR is approximately 4 miles as the crow(Owl) flies, which is well in the range of a winter feeding owl.

I remember a few years ago seeing a Common Buzzard in our area which was a site first! and now last year I found a juvenile been fed by an adult which was excellent news.

Fingers crossed the same happens with the Barn Owl and it breeds in the south Bradford area.

I more than welcome any further sightings in our area and the Spen Valley.

2 thoughts on “Barn Owl sighting…

  1. Josie Beaumont

    The dog was ill on Saturday night so was in the garden at 2am. Definitely heard an owl calling up the road from me, we are in oakenshaw on the main road by the car wash. I have also seen one about two months ago fly across the road by cleckheaton golf club.

  2. Josie Beaumont

    So further from my other reply. My husband has heard the owl early morning in The Park at Oakenshaw, its usually in the trees by the bowling green.

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