B time!

I have always wanted to be more knowledgeable about what species of bees frequent our recording area but my bee ID skills I have to rate as below average….  But today I thought I would make a start and managed to ID 3 species……I THINK! these were the Red-tailed bumblebee, Early bumblebee and the Buff tailed bumblebee.  ANY BEE EXPERTS OUT THERE, I WOULD BE HAPPY FOR ANY HELP OR SEND PHOTHS FOR ID……

Also of interest were 4 Orange Tip butterflies, first fair count of the species whereas Vic who watches the Tong area told me that Orange Tips have been very common there.


  Red tailed bumblebee


Early bumblebee


Buff tailed bumblebee

A pair of Wrens were feeding juvs at Raw Nook NR, A family party of Long Tailed Tits were at Toad Holes Beck and a female Great Tit was feeding young at Caldene Fields.




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