All a ‘Board’ with the YWT

The main entrance to Raw Nook NR is on Lockwood street in Low Moor. There used to be a small wildlife/site information board that, well had possibly seen better days. However, Sarah and Peter from the YWT discussed (pre-covid) with our conservation group about erecting a new information board. I thought brilliant a new small board would be great…But look what has been erected..WOW!

This brilliant quality information board gives the visitor a real welcome to our reserve.

When I first met Sarah and Peter I explained about my wildlife records that I have been collated for well over the 40+ years. And one particular record of a migrant Nightingale I found on the 8/9/1981 and Sarah stated ‘ We will have to erect a rubbing post in memory’

And dreams do come true! Sarah kept her word!

The Nightingale post- one of several new posts erected around the reserve.

So I would sincerely like to thank Sarah, Peter and all at YWT for all the excellent hard work they have done ….

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