A new moth species discovered but more importantly…

Today in the warm sunshine it was an idea day to do some moth survey work at the large patch of heather at Caldene fields where last year I found Aristotelia-ericinella a heathland species.  This heather is spreading and is almost becoming an extension of the adjacent lowland heath habitat at Raw Nook Nr which is excellent news.

Anyway whilst ( looking a bit daft on my hands and knees ) searching the heather I disturbed a number of micro moths but struggled to get a proper look to ID them however, I did find a Narrow-winged Pug which I have not recorded before.  But apart from it been a new species for our list it is a moth that like the Aristotelia ericenella is a heathland and moorland species.

Narrow-winged Pug ( sorry for poor photo )

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