A new fungi is found!

It was our work day on Saturday at Toad Holes Beck. Whilst some of the group were creating a dead hedge by the middle pond Claire and the rest of the group did a litter pick.

And whilst litter picking hawk eyed Claire stopped an orange fungus growing out of a dead branch.

Investigations revealed the fungi to be Yellow Brain – Tremella mesenterica. The fungi turns orange as it ages.

The good news is that it is a new species for our recording area which is great news.

(Starting to make the dead edge…)

I received a query the other day about the two large patches of bare earth that have been created at T H Beck by the middle pond. Micheal Wiggins from our conservation group has done the excellent work and they will be new wild flower meadows.

Sue and Geoffrey reported some interesting sightings on a recent visit to TH Beck.

A Holly Blue and a Goosander on the fisherman’s pond. Both have been added to my records. Thank you.

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