A good morning – followed by a let down!

A reasonable migration watch this morning with a skien of Pink footed geese moving north.  These were followed by a pair of distant geese coming in from the S/E.  I first thought of possible Bean Goose but try as I may the camera never lies and I was brought down to earth as they were Pinks.  Two Herring Gull briefly landed in the fields before moving of S/E and a Imm Mute Swan flew to the S/W.  Another Willow warbler has arrived which was singing at the watch point.


Mute Swan moving S/W

A Reed Bunting was calling at Toad Holes beck which was interesting and the 2 Blackcaps appear to claiming territories.

There was a big fall out at the refilled fisherman’s pond when 2 addional Canada Geese flew in but they were chased off by two very anger geese!

20140410_16    20140410_18


Forget it we were here first!

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