The Undertaker arrives at Caldene Fields…

I had a bit of a frightening experience this morning when I looked in the moth trap as a very large black beetle…the biggest I have seen in the UK…

It turn out to be a Black Sexton Beetle Nicrophorus humator. The Sexton beetles are the undertakers of the insect world and are large (20-30 mm)..


There was a plus to all this as I found a new moth a Figure of Eighty f. fusca which was great news.


Figure of Eighty

Butterflies are still been recorded in low numbers with only 3 Speckled Wood at Raw Nook Nr, 1 Green-veined White, and 2 Peacock at Caldene Fields.  On a more positive note it was nice to see that Bullfinches has bred at Toad Holes Beck and good numbers of juvenile Long tailed, Blue Tits and Goldfinches are busy feeding at the moment.

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