Beware of the Devil !!!

On Monday the 23/8 I did some survey work at the heather patch near the bridge at the top end of Raw Nook NR. I was netting to see if I could find any moths or other insects of interest.

I was on my hands and knees looking for a Mottled Grasshopper which I feel must be present on the site but as yet I have had no luck finding one!

However, I was suddenly aware of a large beetle (25mm to 28mm) moving towards my leg! I immediately jumped up as I thought it looked devilish big.

I had no idea what it was so I took some photo and did some research. It is a Devil’s coach horse beetle! a new species for the reserve.

Thankfully the pond at Raw Nook had a small amount of water in it…and it was like the old days!! with a female Southern Hawker egg laying, 3 Common Darter including a pair in the mating wheel and a stunning Emperor Dragonfly. Sadly though all the eggs will not survive as the pond will dry out and all will be lost.

Four Common Buzzards also drifted N over Caldene fields. This morning 3 juvenile Blackcaps were also at the fields and 13 Sand Martins were feeding over the Low Moor tip.

Talking of the autumn feel…starting to find more autumn moths like this lovely Sallow today at Caldene fields

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