Osprey Dilemma!

Yesterday I received a very interesting email about a report of an Osprey that had been seen flying north over Caldene Avenue on 7/5/. Later in the day on the 7th a third party report came in of another Osprey sighting in Silsden heading north towards Skipton. Could it have been the same bird?

I asked Mark a birder from Wyke if he has anymore information relating to these sighting. If anyone else has any information about the possible Low Moor bird please let me know. Thank you.

There was some good news from TH Beck. On 7/5 I thought I heard a Sedge Warbler in very brief song at the same location I found the bird on the 3/5. However, today I can confirmed the Sedge Warbler is still at the very same location. Hmm…probably the warbler has been there for 6 days now, suggesting a possibly of first time breeding…Fingers crossed!

The first pair of Canada geese have successful family at TH Beck.

Four Swifts (First of the year) flew S/W and 5 Swallow N/W over Caldene fields this morning.

Finger crossed for the Sedge Warbler

The first week in May is always an exciting time in the bird watchers calendar with warblers and other spring migrants reaching their breeding ground or exploring new potential breeding areas. Yesterday morning at the middle pond at Toad holes Beck a male Sedge Warbler was in full song trying to attract a mate as they do most year at this site. However, I only glimpsed him as he was singing deep in cover and left him to it, but I managed to record his lovely song.

With Blackcap singing in the background

A surprise from Dewsbury…

John Tordoff had a nice surprise this morning on his visit to Dewsbury country park. He heard a warbler that caught his attention and he recorded the bird which was in full song. The bird turned out to be a Garden Warbler! Interestingly it’s Latin name is Sylvia borin. With borin given as it’s name due to it’s plain plumage. However, it’s song is beautiful and far from boring…

Whilst Dewsbury country park is not in our recording area the sighting is of real interest. Dewsbury is not that far away from TH Beck so who knows it might appear in our area like it use to do back in the 1980s.

Thanks John for your sighting.

Common Whitethroats

Two male Common Whitethroats at Low Moor Banks this morning both in full song.

No sign of it’s cousin the Lesser Whitethroat as yet but a single arrived yesterday at spurn point so they maybe on their way.

However, I doubt there will be any Whitethroats this year at Toad Holes Beck due to very loud pile driving which is taking place at the newly constructed units which are adjacent to the site.

Three new Bee species found…

The heather area at the top of Raw Nook NR is proving to be a really good area for some locally uncommon invertebrates. The other day whilst looking at the Grey Mining Bee – Andrena cineraria nesting colony by the sandy footpath I thought I would look in another nearby area to see if they were there too.

Andrena clarkella

I soon found another bee species I was not familiar with.

After research this species turned out to be an Early mining bee (Andrena clarkella).

However, I noticed another bee species a Nomada leucophthalma (Below) which is “cuckoo” bee of A. clarkella which was entering the nest of the Early mining bee once it had left to lay its own eggs.

My attention was then drawn to another Nomada bee which looked different from Nomada leucophthalma.

I believe this bee is the Gooden’s Nomad Bee – Nomada goodeniana. I have sent photos and information to someone with more knowledge than me on Bee species for a second opinion.

The total number of bee species now for our urban area stands at 17 species

Creeping about, pays off!

Today has been an excellent day! I went down to TH Beck to look for any possible new spring migrants but apart from a couple of female Blackcaps that had recently arrived there was little else on the migrant front. I then went to the large pond where a faint high pitched call caught my attention…Tree Creeper!

I walked into the Goat Willow scrub and waited. Then a Tree Creeper appeared climbing up one of the Willows. It saw me and flew deeper into the willows.

I crept forward trying to get a better view. The bird was however, calling and again it came into view. Then suddenly it dawned on me why it calling? I bet there is a pair of Tree Creeper. So I waited and waited then I was right I saw two birds together in early courtship. Brilliant. It was time to leave and with fingers crossed I strongly believe they will breed in the area which if they do will be the first known breeding record in our area for the species.

Simply stunning…and!

Yesterday I was stopped in my tracks when I noticed this lovely Common Primrose Primula vulgaris growing in all it’s glory at Raw Nook NR.

However, when I got home I started to wonder…Come to think of it, I know the species is established at TH Beck but no sure I had seen it before at RN. So a quick look on my database and yes it’s a new species for Raw Nook NR…Great!

If you want to lift your spirits the plant can be found just off the path in the meadow by the bench, just before the gate to the woodland area.

At last some evidence

The Coal tit is a regular bird in our area feeding in gardens as well as been regular at all our three sites. I have even seen juveniles been fed at Raw Nook Nr suggesting that the species probable breed there but I have no actual evidence. Also Coal Tits nest naturally in holes in trees and stumps, under roots or rocks and in holes in the ground making observation difficult.

However, today at raw Nook NR I came across a calling Coal tit. Then suddenly another Coal tit came up from the base of an old Silver birch tree. The pair met and calling bird (possibly the male) fed the other bird.

I moved away and the pair went to a nearby tree. OK….not definitive proof of breeding but I will keep a distant watch on the site and hopefully fingers crossed may get some further supportive evidence of breeding.

Also this morning a stunning male Common Redstart (passage bird) was at Caldene fields and 2 new Willow warbler were in full song at Raw Nook Nr.

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