2014 Bird Report!

For an ornithological perspective it has been an average year in our catchment area.  A total of 73 different species were recorded and approximately 28 species bred or thought to have bred in our area.

Numbers of visible migrants observed were fairly low with no record counts of winter Thrushes or Wood Pigeons noted this year despite record counts of Wood Pigeon and Thrushes recorded elsewhere in the UK. To illustrate this point observations hours in 2014 were 129.8 hours and a total of 65,357 birds were recorded. In 2013, 115.25 hours of observations  were made and a total of 91,892 birds were observed.

19255The highest counts were: Redwings 7,005 on 31/10/14,

Fieldfare 3,936 on 31/10/2014 and Wood Pigeon 9,927 on 22/10/14.  The highlights for visible migration were: A hawfinch on 9/10/14, Green Sandpiper on 25/10, an influx of Jays noted in late September with 23 seen on the 23/9/14.  To date I have recorded 85 different species passing through our area.

It appears we may have lost the Little Grebe at Toad Holes Beck the reason is unclear.  Lesser Whitethroat did not bred again however, I am convinced this is due to habitat changes at Toad Hole Beck and I will bring this issue up with our group and Bradford Council.

On a brighter note Tree Sparrows were recorded both on passage and with local House Sparrows at Caldene Fields in early November and it is hoped that more birds will be seen in 2015.  A pair of Swallows successfully bred at Caldene Fields for the first time for many years and a Water Rail has reappeared at Toad Holes Beck for the third winter running.


Busy at Toad Holes Beck

My forecast for 2015 is a record of a Little Egret possibly feeding or moving over Caldene Fields as I have recorded 2 birds during the last two years the latest been quite near as it flew S/W over Wyke.

Just outside our area came the excellent news that the Common Buzzard bred for the first time in Bradford south so I expect more sighting of birds as they search for food over our area.

Checklist for 2014

Grey HeronCommon VisitorFieldfareWinter visitor
Mute SwanPassageRedwingWinter visitor
Pink-footed GoosePassageMistle thrushResident
Grey Gag GoosePassageSong thrushResident
Canada GooseCommon VisitorLesser WhitethroatUncommon Visitor
MallardResidentCommon WhitethroatVisitor
Tufted DuckWinter visitorBlackcapSummer resident
GoosanderPassageWillow WarblerSummer resident
Sparrow HawkResidentChiffchaffSummer resident
KestrelVisitorSedge WarblerUncommon Passage
Water RailWinter visitorCoal TitResident
MoorhenResidentBlue TitResident
CootResident leave WinterGreat TitResident
Green SandpiperRareLT TitResident
LapwingPassageTree CreeperRare
Black Headed GullCommon VisitorStarlingResident
Common GullCommon VisitorMagpieResident
Herring GullPassageJackdawResident
LBB GullPassageCarrion CrowResident
Wood PigeonResidentRookPassage
Collard DoveResidentHouse SparrowResident
Tawny OwlVisitorTree SparrowRare
KingfisherWinter visitorBramblingUncommon Winter
Great Spotted PeckerResidentChaffinchResident
SkylarkPassageHawfinchRare passage
SwallowSummer residentGreenfinchResident
House MartinSummer residentBullfinchResident
Meadow PipitCommon VisitorSiskinWinter visitor
Pied wagtailPassage/C VisitorLesser redpollRegular Visitor
Grey wagtailPassage/C VisitorLinnetRegular Visitor
C WheatearPassageCommon SnipeWinter visitor
WrenResidentReed BuntingUncommon visitor
GoldcrestWinter visitorStock DoveResident
SwiftResident Summer  

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